How We Review Products


At Purely Cookware, we’re on a mission to help you make the best purchase decisions for your family and kitchen.

We spend hundreds of hours researching, interviewing industry experts, as well as testing products, to give you our complete guides and accurate reviews that help you find quality items and make life easier.

Although we may receive affiliate commissions if you click through to a retailer site and make a purchase, our recommendations are based on our tests and personal experiences with the products.

To ensure we judge accurately and fairly, we put every product through the same tests, making the same recipes, and rating them accordingly.

What We Do

As home cooks ourselves, we understand that the only way to learn if a product is worth the space in your kitchen (and your money) is to actually test it using real-life scenarios and recipes. That’s why we buy those items independently and use them straight away in our homes.


Using our thorough guidelines, reviewers have to follow specific steps to push each product to the extreme, rating each feature on a scale of 1 to 5 and providing relevant feedback.

For example, we rate PTFE frying pans on their nonstick ability, durability, and heating performance. For cast iron skillets, we’ll rate them based on their heat retention, distribution, cooking performance, and durability.


When we’re done, we’ll come up with an overall rating, and detail what we thought was good and what wasn’t, as well as anything else you should be aware of.

To help you see how the item will look in your home, we’ll carefully take photographs of it in use, plus any important details and angles that give you a better “feel”.

Why Should I Trust You?

Our Ethics

We’re not loyal to a specific brand or retailer, making it a point to never accept sponsorships and always source items from reliable companies with excellent customer service. This way, you’ll have an effortless shopping experience and hopefully, come back to us again in the future.

Purely Cookware is also committed to making a difference through the people we work with. We’ll actively work with charities and communities that are in our industry, such as local food banks or hunger and poverty trusts.

Our Detail and Accuracy

We won’t simply write something because the majority is. Every fact we use is double (if not triple) checked, and/or verified by industry experts to ensure the information we use is correct.

And we’ll put what we say to the test too. For example, to rate nonstick frying pans, we fried over 200 eggs individually, pan-seared fish, as well as used an infrared thermometer to see how long it took to heat up. We also seared steaks and cooked several homemade omelets.

Once we were done, we’d thermal shock it to see if it warped, and bashed it against a concrete block to see how damaged it would get.


We often test dozens of items in the same category so that we can make fair, accurate comparisons and offer relevant insight into how the different brands and models stack up against one another. While we test, we ensure we capture real-life images and videos to give you as much information as possible.

Our Updates

After we publish a review or guide, we won’t just forget about it. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our articles are full of accurate, helpful information and that our recommendations stay fresh.

We get how frustrating it is to do all the research, and click on an item to add it to your cart, only to find it’s out of stock! So, we’ll try our best to stop this, dedicating members of our team to check availability as often as possible so you get the best user experience.

Contact Us

If you have any opinions or questions you’d like to share with us about our review process, please feel free to email us at james [at] purelycookware [dot] com or submit a form via our contact us page.